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"Celebrate New Life!"

Dear Friends,

Well, we survived “The Blizzard of 2017”! We haven’t had that much snow at one time in twenty years, and, as far as I am concerned, it can be another twenty years until we get that much snow in a single day!

Spring has finally come and with that, Easter has arrived. There are numerous activities happening at First Presbyterian Church to help us prepare for and celebrate Easter, starting with the “Easter Egg-stravaganza Family Night” on April 7th followed by Palm Sunday and Holy Week. Please read about all these activities in this newsletter.

As new life springs forth around us in nature during this time of year, Easter reminds us of the new life we are offered through Jesus Christ. Easter is God’s miraculous “Yes!” to life in the midst of death. We don’t just celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead on Easter, we also celebrate the resurrection of new life offered to each of us because of what happened on Easter. That is why the celebration of Easter is so important to Christians. That is why we decorate the church with beautiful flowers and celebrate with trumpets and glorious hymns and wear our new Easter clothes. We celebrate because, despite what the world around us might be saying, love is stronger than hate and life is greater than death! So, come and celebrate new life this Easter with your sisters and brothers at First Presbyterian Church!

The late Ann Weems put it beautifully when she wrote:

Let it begin with singing

and never end!

Oh, angels, quit your lamenting!

Oh, pilgrims,

upon you’re your knees in tearful prayer,

rise up

and take your hearts

and run!

We who were no people

are named anew

God’s people,

for he who was no more

is forevermore!

Grace, Peace and Love,

Pastor Bill

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