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"God Was Calling"

Dear Friends,

About three years ago, Nate Achterhof came to our church as Director of Youth Ministry. He later became a member of our congregation in February, 2016. After his first year with us, Nate and I began to discuss the possibility that God may be calling Nate into the ministry of word and sacrament. As the conversations went on it became clear that Nate should apply to seminary and see if indeed parish ministry was in his future. Nate was accepted into McCormick Theological Seminary, the Presbyterian seminary in Chicago, Ill. Nate has now completed his first year at McCormick and did quite well. In May, Nate became an official candidate for ministry through a process discernment and examination with the Presbytery of Lackawanna. He has two more years to go at McCormick Seminary in the process to become eligible for the ordained ministry in the Presbyterian Church.

Before Nate started seminary, the Session set up the Seminary Fund to help Nate, and perhaps future seminarians from this congregation, cover the expenses of seminary. Because of your generosity, First Presbyterian was able to give Nate over $2,000 to help cover his expenses last year at McCormick. On Sunday, July 16th, a special offering will be received for the Seminary Fund to assist Nate in his second year of seminary. Although Nate has received a full scholarship to cover his tuition, he still has expenses for room and board, books and other living expenses. I know that you will be as generous as you are able with this offering. (By the way, as far as I can tell, Nate is the first person from this congregation in the 168 years since its founding to attend seminary!)

Nate will be visiting us on the weekend of July 7-10 and preaching in worship on Sunday, July 9th. I hope you can be with us in worship that Sunday to show your support of Nate and his journey toward ordained ministry.

See you in church!

Grace, Peace, and Love,

Pastor Bill

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