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"Back to (Sunday) School"

Dear Friends,

The Fall season is now upon us. The days are getting shorter and the night air is definitely cooler. School children are going back to school and college students are already back in class.

We in the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition have always valued education. The “Father” of Presbyterianism, John Calvin, started Europe’s first public school in 1559 in Geneva, Switzerland. Calvin believed that educating young people was a necessity for society at large, not just for the wealthy as it was in those days. That emphasis on education was a hallmark of our Presbyterian missionaries around the world and in our own country. Whenever a Presbyterian missionary arrived, usually two things happened: a church was started and a school was founded. Presbyterians have always supported public education and an educated clergy.

That support of education is the main reason our Sunday Schools are so important and why we need to offer the best program we can for our children and youth who are not just the future of the Church, they are the Church! Our Sunday School program resumes on Sunday, September 10th at 10 AM. We have some wonderful teachers, a great curriculum, activities, and, maybe some surprises! Speaking of teachers, we could use a few more volunteers to help as teaching assistants, nursery attendants, etc. If you can help, please see Heather Caruso or Donna DeHart. I know you will find the experience of teaching and working with our children very rewarding. Give it a try!

Because our ministry to children and youth is so important, the proceeds from our annual Golf Tournament go to support our programs for children and youth. For example, we had 51 children at our week-long Hero Central Vacation Bible School in July that was funded by your support of our Golf Tournament. And, who can forget that our Spring for Kidz Carnival attracted over 500 children and adults this year! If you have not already signed up to play in or to sponsor our 16th annual Golf Tournament and Family Day at Woodloch Springs this year on September 10th, there is still time. Please contact Oressa Campbell Miller right now!

As a new Fall season begins, I am excited to see what God has in store for us and I hope you are as well. If you haven’t been to church recently, now would be a great time to come and see what God is doing here at First Presbyterian Church. I know you will be impressed.

See you in church!

Grace, Peace, and Love,

Pastor Bill

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